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Modern Rebels Family Guide


The Family Guide is created by the Museum to accompany each major exhibition to help young visitors better understand the art they are experiencing. It is a tool that helps kids interact with the pieces by completing activities that correspond with the works of art.


The Family Guide is designed to follow key elements of the visual identity of the exhibition on view—Modern Rebels—while also appealing to a young audience.


The activities and games included in the Family Guide can be shared between parents and children to help educate them on the basic ideas and themes expressed by the art. The Modern Rebels Family Guide focused on ideas of self-expression to promote creativity, and exercises in writing and sketching.

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School and Teacher Programs Brochure


The School and Teacher Programs brochure is an annual publication outlining the year's exhibition schedule, details of the available school tours, conferences, and student and teacher classes. The goal of the brochure is to communicate all of the educational programs offered by the Museum in a concise and clear format that teachers can reference throughout the school year.



2016 Annual Fund Request


In November of 2015, the Milwaukee Art Museum unveiled the newly expanded and reinstalled Collection Galleries housed within a beautiful new wing. The wing provides an entrance on the Lake Michigan side of the museum, utilizing the Lake's natural beauty as a backdrop to the reinstalled art galleries. The Annual Fund Request uses inspiring imagery to encourage donors to help support the preservation and improvement of the Milwaukee Art Museum.


The Annual Fund Request is sent to donors outlining all of the exceptional updates and improvements to the Collection Galleries, as well as the tried-and-true favorites that make the Museum great.


Creative Director:
Leslie Boll

Lauren Koszuta

Christina Dittrich

Fall 2015

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